Please contact us for any and all East African vacation or adventure planning.  We are excited to make your experience all you hope for.

Telephone: +255.777.469.612


Baboo in Zanzibar



  1. hı baboo how re you myfrıendsuggest you ı wanna came zanzıbar whıt my frıens,d but ı dont know where will ı stay ı wnat a hotel beatıful scenery and whıch regıon ıs nıce ın zanzıbar nungwi ıs nice or kendwa whıch beach is beatıful we dont wanna stay ın stone town only zanzıbar butthe hotels beach so ımportant for us and wedont wanna pay so much money for ıt:) aswell and we wıll logın some tours from zanzıbar spıces tour or safarı and else can you help me for hotel ın nungwi and we enjoyed from pongwe beach so much ı waıt your maıl ın a hour because we eıll flıght to zanzıbar tomorrow or the day after and ıf you show me a nıce hotel ı wıll call you thanks my name ıs nazlı

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